Price Increases

14 Dec 18

14 December 2018

During 2018 the construction industry faced a number of challenges, for example material shortages in brick, timber and insulation, volatile currency markets and continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Despite all these difficulties EH Smith has been able to continue to use its place in the market, as a leading UK builders merchant, to maintain supplies to its customers at competitive prices.

As we look towards 2019, these external pressures will continue to affect the cost of goods alongside increasing the costs of transportation and energy. As we look across the sector, we are seeing the following price increases coming through from suppliers in the New Year:

• Bricks 8%-9%
• Blocks 6%-13%
• Cement 5%
• Timber 10%
• Plastic Drainage 8%-10%
• Flag & Kerb 5%-7%
• Plasterboard 8%

As always, we are endeavouring to minimise the impact of these increases on our customers where possible. It is inevitable, however, we will have to increase some prices from 1st January 2019 in line with the increases we receive from suppliers. If you have any immediate questions, please contact your local branch.

Thank you to all our customers during the last year. We will continue to work closely with suppliers and customers throughout the coming year with the ongoing aim of providing the best possible builders merchant experience.