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Hanson Cement is manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-LL (Portland-limestone cement) strength class 32,5R and 42,5N (dependent on the version being manufactured at any given point). Hanson uses the most efficient dry-process kilns to manufacture cement, the benefit of which includes lower energy consumption. These burn up to 60% recycled and non-fossil fuels and use waste as a source of raw material – all of which would otherwise go to landfill or incineration.

Hanson is one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide per tonne of cement clinker in the UK and is committed to further reductions into the future. CEM II cement with reduced clinker content which enhances sustainability through the use of carefully selected constituent materials, further reducing the carbon footprint of the cement. All these cements are CE marked under the Construction Products Regulations which provides independent third party certification of product conformity. It confirms that in addition to applying a system of factory production control (defined in BS EN 197-2), independent sampling and testing of the cement has confirmed its compliance with all of the requirements of BS EN 197-1

• Manufacturers code: CEM2