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The ultimate high-performance grab adhesive. PRO1® Power Bond will deliver a level of immediate grab strength that is typically double that of most products on the market, which eliminates the need for costly temporary supports.

Featuring a special pre-cut nozzle to dispense an optimum bead width and shape, it’s the perfect companion for builders and shop fitters.

Use it on a wide range of adhesive projects, including fitting panels and elements during ceiling construction. Fixing heavy stone wall cladding elements. Gluing and fitting of high security glass, and general gap filling.

• Incredible adhesive grab strength – replaces mechanical fixings
• Stick virtually anything to anything
• Will not stain materials
• Will not corrode metals
• Resistant to weather, extreme temperatures, mould & chemicals
• Can be painted
• Low pick-ability – perfect for high security areas
• Does not contain solvents, isocyanates or phthalates
• Available in ECO-PAC packaging
• Manufacturer Code: H18508