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ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt

ROCKWOOL Thermal Cavity Batts are a semi-rigid full fill insulation solution for use in external and party masonry cavity walls. The batts are quick and easy to cut, and provide a great fit, reducing installation time, avoiding gaps and cold spots, and maximising long-term performance. Water repellence stops the transfer of moisture from the outer to the inner leaf of the wall, preventing rot and mould.

Key Features

• The ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt is BBA certified for all exposure zones – a symbol of quality and assurance.
• The mineral wool insulation acts as a cavity barrier reducing thermal transfer.
• Water transmission is prevented from the outer to the inner leaf.
• A Euroclass fire rating of A1 highlights the exceptional fire performance characteristics of Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt.
• Water repellent and vapour permeable, resisting rot and mould.

Product Properties

• Compliance: BS EN 13162
• Reaction to fire: Fire Classification Eurcoclass A1 (BS EN 13501-1)
• Thermal conductivity: 0.037W/mk
• Water repellent: Repels water

Product Size

• Thickness: 100mm
• Width: 455mm
• Length:  1200mm

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